Kubler カウンタ LED 60kHz 6 パネル取付 CODIX 522シリーズ 6.522.012.300

  • RS品番 297-7823
  • メーカー型番 6.522.012.300
  • メーカー/ブランド名 Kubler
RoHSステータス: 適合
COO(原産国): DE

LED display CODIX 521 Totaliser and Position Indicator

Scaling and decimal point selectable
All setup parameters are programmable via two front keys


UL / C-UL recognised

Kubler Counter

The Kubler CODIX 522 series digital counter is a simple voltage is a powered panel mount frequency display tachometer. This counter displays in 1/min or 1/sec, freely scalable, for fast and slow count pulses, with 6-digit LED display for NPN, PNP input signals, with a fast HRA measurement system (High Rate Accuracy). The voltage rating range between 10VDC and 30VDC. This counter has a maximum count frequency of 60KHz.

Features and Benefits

• The large, ergonomic buttons allow easy operation
• Decimal point selectable
• All set-up parameters are programmable via two front keys
• Operating temperature ranges between -20°C and 65°C


Rotary speed applications
• OEM equipment for flow rate measuring
• Speed applications on motors, turbines and machines feed-rate measurement
• Recording of production rates
• Frequency measurement


EN 55011 class B
• EN 61000-6-2
• IP65 rated

電源電圧 10 → 30 V dc
カウントモード 分, 秒
ディスプレイのタイプ LED
入力方式 電圧
表示桁数 6
実装タイプ パネル
文字の高さ寸法 8 mm
最大カウント周波数 60kHz
表示範囲 0.0001 → 999999
シリーズ CODIX 522
重量 50g
動作温度 Min -20°C
動作温度 Max +65°C
測定範囲 0.0001 → 999999
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