Displayport Male to Male Cable 2m

  • RS品番 740-6688
  • メーカー型番 STA-DP002 (2m)
  • メーカー/ブランド名 Clever Little Box
RoHSステータス: 適合
COO(原産国): CN

Premier DisplayPort Cable

DisplayPort is complete with a male DisplayPort connector at each end of the DisplayPort cable. This DisplayPort cable is used as a connection between computers and display monitors or between a computer and a home theatre. A DisplayPort is defined as a digital display interface standard for new digital audio video interconnections.

Features and Benefits:

DisplayPort Male connectors – each end
Various lengths - Black
Connection between a computer and a display monitor or a home theatre system
Digital display interface
Defines new digital audio video interconnections


Connector A and B – male gender Connector A and B type - male DisplayPort
PVC Cable
PE Inner mould
Copper shell
Gold plated
Bare copper conductor
White moulding
Overall braid
CCA Braiding
Works with any DisplayPort source device
The connector plugs prevent a cable from slipping out of the DisplayPort socket


3 Shielding with standard Wire spec
Version 1.3 V
30 AWG
Outside diameter 3 mm

Lengths Available:

STA-DP002 (1 m) Premier DisplayPort Male to Male – 1 metre cable length – Stock number 7406685 STA-DP002 (2 m) Premier DisplayPort Male to Male – 2 metre cable length – Stock number 7406688
STA-DP002 (5 m) Premier DisplayPort Male to Male – 5 metre cable length – Stock number 7406682

How is DisplayPort different from HDMI?

DisplayPort offers the support of higher performance requirements than HDMI, which is based on updated signal and protocol technology used in computers. This enables an increase in performance and integration.

Does DisplayPort support Audio?

Yes, DisplayPort supports multi-channel audio requirements.

ケーブルタイプ DisplayPort
コネクタ A ジェンダー オス
コネクタ A タイプ DisplayPort
コネクタ B ジェンダー オス
コネクタ B サイズ DisplayPort
長さ 2m
外側シース材質 PVC
シールド シールド付き
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