RS PRO 旋盤ツールセット

  • RS品番 696-077
  • メーカー/ブランド名 RS PRO
RoHSステータス: 該当なし
COO(原産国): GB

RS PRO 6 Piece HSS Lathe Tool Kit

Introducing the RS PRO 6-piece Lathe Tool Kit. This kit includes all the most essential pieces required to assist when working with a lathe and can cover a wide range of processes like cutting, shaping, turning and much more. The lathe tools are made from HSS (High-Speed Steel) for ultra-durability, strength and sharpened edges for precision cutting. This is an ideal accessory kit for lathe users to allow for better precision and higher accuracy cutting regardless of the lathe application.

Features and Benefits:

• The RS PRO lathe tool set contains 6-pieces for roughing, finishing, parting-off, boring, external threading and internal threading
• The tools are all manufactured from H5 grade HSS with a 5% cobalt content for optimum hardness, durability and premium cutting performance
• All tool bits are manufactured to ISO 5421 standard


A lathe tool set helps with a wide range of engineering process and applications where cutting, turning, shaping and boring is required. Lathe tool kits will come with the most essential tools to make the cutting processes easier and more efficient for the user with minimal user effort. Tools like this are generally made from HSS due to the durability and the hardness of the compound, even at high temperatures. It also is a material that retains its strength for cutting and can be easily re-sharpened if necessary. Lathe tools can be used for lathe cutting or metalworking applications for materials like:
• Wood
• Plastics
• Aluminium
• Brass
• Steel
• Cast iron

Standards and Certifications:

Meets ISO 5421

What sizes are the sets available in?

The 6-piece set is available in two sizes:
696-083 – 95 x 125 mm overall length
696-077 – 6.5 x 90 mm overall length


ISO 5421

個数 6
全体長さ 90 mm
グレード H5
材質 HSCo
セット内容 荒削り、仕上げ、分割、外部ねじ切り、穿孔、内部ねじ切り
25 海外在庫あり - 通常4営業日でお届け
単価: 購入単位は1セット
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