Phoenix Contact UPS無停電電源,入力電圧:24V dc,出力電圧:24V dc

  • RS品番 505-5421
  • メーカー型番 2866213
  • メーカー/ブランド名 Phoenix Contact
COO(原産国): CN

Phoenix Contact Uninterruptible Power Supply - Quint DC UPS, 2866213

Phoenix Contacts range of QUINT-UPS is a selection of uninterruptible power supplies that feature QI technology. The integrated IQ technology provides users with information on the charging state of the UPS, the IQ also provides information on the energy storage remaining run time. This particular model offers short term mains interruptions that are bridged by a QUINT BUFFER, a maintenance-free buffer module that is on a capacitor basis. Due to the QUINT BUFFER, systems have the capability to also run in unstable networks or in the event of a failure of a longer duration - can shut down correctly after all relevant process data is saved.

Features & Benefits

• The bridging time is 200ms at 20A and 4s at 1A
• Buffer module also acts as an energy storage device for peak loads and for triggering fuses
• Function monitoring is enabled through an active switching output and control lamp
• An integrated diode allows loads to be divided into buffered and unbuffered loads - extending the buffered period to make sure there is protection against errors in the internal network
• Dimensions: W64mm x H130mm x D125mm
• Has an IP rating of IP20, this means that the UPS is protected against solid objects up to 12 mm and no protection against liquids
• Maintenance-free, energy storage device
• Din rail mounting
• Function monitoring is achieved through the LED display and a floating changeover contact
• Primary cycled
• Narrow design
• Extended buffer time


EN 60950 / VDE 0805 (SELV), EN 50178 / VDE 0160 (PELV)


CE, UL, ship building GL

出力電圧 24V dc
入力電圧 24V dc
取付タイプ DINレール
タイプ DC
定格電流 20.6A
長さ 130mm
奥行き 125mm
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