Provertha D-subコネクタキット 9極 ストレート メス

  • RS品番 729-6481
  • メーカー型番 40-1091142
  • メーカー/ブランド名 Provertha
RoHSステータス: 適合
COO(原産国): HU

Profibus D Sub External Cable Clamp

These I-Net Profibus bus connectors with external cable clamp are suitable for large cables 4-14 mm diameter. There are four types of body configuration of the external cable clamp I-Net Profibus bus connectors: Standard, Compact, Axial and Special with Body Orientations of 90°, 90°, 180° and 55° respectively. The I-Net Profibus bus connectors are available in two versions, namely, Standard with one male 'D' port connector and PG with two, male and female, 'D' port connectors for monitoring, see table.

I-Net Profibus Bus Connectors - Provertha

The Provertha I-Net Profibus 'D' bus connectors range feature Plug&Play M12 connectors as well as field assembly internal and external cable clamping versions. These I-Net Profibus connectors provide function and security for upto 40 Profibus participants at speeds of 12 Mbits/s. Configured for Profibus DP these I-Net Profibus connectors prevent signal reflections and are designed to produce only minimum signal impact and modification during connection. These I-Net Profibus connectors are fitted with an On/Off switch visible from the front.

オス/メス メス
コンタクト数 9
ボディ向き ストレート
ピッチ 17.4mm
ハウジング材質 亜鉛アルミニウム合金
寸法 88.3 x 16.8 x 35.6mm
取り付けタイプ ケーブルマウント
シリーズ 40
深さ 35.6mm
動作温度 Min -20°C
長さ 88.3mm
動作温度 Max +70°C