Analog Devices 加速度センサ, 傾斜センサ評価ボード ADIS16209 ADIS16209/PCBZ

  • RS品番 698-0946
  • メーカー型番 ADIS16209/PCBZ
  • メーカー/ブランド名 Analog Devices
RoHSステータス: 適合

Evaluation Boards for ADIS1620x Inclinometers

The ADIS1620x/PCBs are simple evaluation boards that provide convenient access to the iSensor® ADIS1620x family of products, using a standard 2mm, 2 ´ 6, connector interface. These connectors can be accessed using a variety of cable options, including standard 1mm ribbon cables. The ADIS1620x/PCB is designed to be evaluated in an existing digital platform (such as MCU, DSP, FPGA, PLD) or as part of the ADISEVAL system.

Dual-mode inclinometer system: Dual-axis horizontal operation, ±90°, Single-axis vertical operation, ±180°
High accuracy, 0.1°
Digital inclination data, 0.025° resolution
Digital acceleration data, 0.244mg resolution
±1.7g accelerometer measurement range
Digital temperature sensor output
Digitally controlled bias calibration
Digitally controlled sample rate
Digitally controlled frequency response
Dual alarm settings with rate/threshold limits
Auxiliary digital I/O
Digitally activated self-test
Digitally activated low power mode
SPI serial interface
Auxiliary 12-bit ADC input and DAC output
Single-supply operation: +3 to +3.6V
3500g powered shock survivability

傾斜計、Analog Devices

センサ技術 傾斜センサ, 加速度センサ
搭載機器 ADIS16209
併用可能製品 ISensor EVAL-ADISZ
キットの分類 評価ボード
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