RS PRO ケーブルテスター

  • RS品番 624-6347
  • メーカー/ブランド名 RS PRO
RoHSステータス: 適合
COO(原産国): US

RS-232 PockeTester

The Patton Model 51 DB-9 PockeTester™ monitors the seven most important async EIA-574 (RS-232 on a DB-9) data and control lines. Uses seven tri-state LEDs to indicate the presence of the following signals: TD, RD, DTR, DSR, RTS, CTS and DCD. A red light = Mark; a green light = Space; no light indicates no signal on the line. No AC power or batteries required.

Seven LEDs monitor RS-232 signals
All 9 Pins are wired straight through
Bright LEDs have great colour intensity and a wide viewing angle
Data bias can be inferred from the intensity of the colours

Line Monitors

Line monitors designed for rapid checking and trouble shooting of computer interfaces especially EIA RS-232C (V24)
Conforms to RS-232 and discriminates against out of tolerance signals
The LEDs on the front panels of the testers are generally on the signal originating side of the unit, allowing the signal to be broken yet remain monitored
Separate RED and GREEN LEDs ensure unambiguous monitoring

ケーブルタイプ シリアルDB9
テストの種類 データ
トーン なし
ディスプレイのタイプ LED灯
寸法 114 x 76 x 19mm
重量 27g
高さ 19mm
長さ 114mm