Phoenix Contact, 光ファイバコネクタ, SMA, PCF

  • RS品番 648-8276
  • メーカー型番 2799720
  • メーカー/ブランド名 Phoenix Contact
RoHSステータス: 適合
COO(原産国): DE

Phoenix Contact Fibre Optic F-SMA Fibre Optic Connectors

A set of 4 quick mounting fibre connectors for use with polymer fibre. These fibre F-SMA type plug optic connectors have a bend protection sleeve and a clamping device, and the fibres simply need to be stripped, the F-SMA connector screwed on and the protruding fibres scored and broken off.

Features and benefits:

• Bend protection sleeves
• Quick mounting
• Polymer fibre
• Simplex port type
• -20°C to 70°C operating temperature

How does fiber optic cable connection work?

The cladding or outside of an optic cable is manufactured from a different type of glass than the core, keeping lighting signals inside. Light travels down the cable bouncing around but being contained within. Within this light is coded information, which is then transferred from one place to another.
There are also different types of cables or modes, which is in effect the way the light or coded information travels down the cable. Single-mode or multimode. Advantages to fibre optics are no interference and speed, which means they are generally used in communications

Phoenix Contact range

The VARIOSUB SCRJ range finally allows fibre optics in harsh industrial environments. The design obtains an IP67 sealed rating and high resistance to shocks and vibration. Fibre optics is the ideal solution in the event of electromagnetic interference and for applications involving long-distance transmission. Thus, the use of industrial Ethernet and network based on fibre optics is no longer prohibited.

F - SMA プラグセットはポリマーファイバ用で、 4 つのクイック取り付けコネクタと曲げ保護スリーブで構成されたセルフアセンブリ用です。

コネクタタイプ SMA
コネクタポリッシュ フラットポーリッシュ
片面/両面 シンプレックス
光ファイバの種類 PCF
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