Craig & Derricott, ケーブルスイッチ, GWDE/RS

RoHSステータス: 適合
COO(原産国): GB

GWD Series, Double Grab Wire

Designed to offer grabwire switch protection for personnel working in close proximity to conveyors or rotating and moving machines
Typical applications:- conveyors, assembly lines, transfer lines, packaging machinery, process equipment
Double grabwire switches are a convenient way of installing two rope pull switches on a long rope run, with common wiring and two heads
When the units are correctly installed and set, the system switching contacts are closed allowing the system to operate
If the grabwire is pulled the switch contacts will open, providing operator safety. Whether the grabwire has been pulled, gone slack or been broken, it can only be started by manually resetting the switch unit
100M max span, each side
Ingress protection to IP65 as standard
Sealed M20 cable entries
Safety and auxiliary contacts as standard 2 N/C + 2 N/O (each side)
To comply with BS 5304 switch units should be fitted at each end of the grabwire
To complete an installation a connection kit is required, containing the wire rope, instruction leaflet and all other necessary elements
Please order the appropriate kit for length for your installation from the RS Rope setting kits for grabwire switches
Standards & Approvals BS EN 60947-5-1, BS EN 60947-5-5, BS 5304


To comply with safety standards, a switch unit should be fitted at each end of the grab wire to afford system and operator protection.
Our rope switch kits contain all fittings necessary for installation. Available in 5, 10, 20, 30, 50 and 75 metre lengths.
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シリーズ GWD
リセットボタン あり
極の設定 2 x 4P
通常の状態の構成 2 x 2NO / 2NC
取付方向 ストレート
最大ロープスパン 2 x 100m
電流 Max 6 A
最大AC電圧 250V
最大DC電圧 24V
ハウジング材質 スチール
コンジットエントリ M20
IP評価 IP65
緊急停止ボタン No
深さ 110mm
長さ 285mm
寸法 285 x 94 x 110 mm
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通常価格 ¥69,930.00
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