Electromen OY DCモータコントローラ 40 V

  • RS品番 510-1209
  • メーカー型番 EM174
  • メーカー/ブランド名 Electromen OY
RoHSステータス: 適合
COO(原産国): FI

PWM DC 8A 12-32Vdc

EM-174 motor drive is designed for DC-motor speed control. The unit regulates motor voltage so a non regulated supply voltage is suitable. Potentiometer or direct voltage signal can be used to give the speed control value. Rotation direction changes when control input value turns negative or if control input signal is applied to direction input.The unit has reference positive and negative signal for potentiometer use, i.e. the potentiometer can also be used to drive in both directions, the motor stops at potentiometer middle position. Set value range can be scaled to range trim.,During a direction change, the controller waits for motor to stop before driving in opposite direction. This avoids current peaks at direction change. The current limit can be set with a pot or direct voltage signal to protect the motor and mechanics in jam situations. Start up speed can be limited an acceleration ramp, which slowly rises the motor voltage in a desired way. Ramp time is set with a pot.EM-174 can be optimised for 12 or 24 V supply use.

No brake
Controlled direction change +/-10v or 0-10v
Soft start ramp
Adjustable current limit
Load compensation (IR comp)

電源電圧 12 → 32 V dc
許容電流値 12 A
定格電圧 40 V
制御入力 ポテンショメーター
長さ 65mm
深さ 30mm
寸法 65 x 73 x 30 mm
動作温度範囲 -20 → +70 °C
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